Restaurant Menu

    • Starters

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Sibu Rojak</span>

      Sibu Rojak

      Very Local Malaysian appetizer with fresh cucumber, pineapple, turnips, guava in Rojak Dressing

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Garden Salad</span>

      Garden Salad

      Freshly pick mixed vegetables with lettuce, cucumber, capsicum & carrot with your choice of thousand island vinaigrette or french dressing

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">RH Caesar</span>

      RH Caesar

      Unique creation of Caesar Cardin, lettuce, croutons in Caesar dressing & sliced chicken

    • Rice

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Nasi Lemak Istimewa</span>

      Nasi Lemak Istimewa

      Malaysian invented fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk Accompany with chicken curry, anchovies, peanuts & prawn sambal

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Sweet & Sour Fish</span>

      Sweet & Sour Fish

      A must try Chinese cuisine dish with fish fillet in sweet & sour gravy, served with steamed rice

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Seafood Mix Vegetables</span>

      Seafood Mix Vegetables

      Stir-fried mix vegetables consist of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mushroom, served with steamed rice

    • Noodles

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Foochow Longevity Noodles Soup</span>

      Foochow Longevity Noodles Soup

      Traditional homemade longevity noodles in chicken stock

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Seafood Noodles Soup</span>

      Seafood Noodles Soup

      Assorted seafood in clear soup with your choice of yellow noodles, rice vermicelli or flat rice noodles

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Foochow Noodle</span>

      Foochow Noodle

      Wok-fry & braised yellow noodles with seafood & vegetables

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Cantonese Fried Noodle</span>

      Cantonese Fried Noodle

      Your choice of yellow noodles, rice vermicelli or kway teow in egg gravy with seafood chicken & vegetables

    • Pasta

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Spaghetti Bolognese</span>

      Spaghetti Bolognese

      A dish invented in Bologna Italy, consisting ground meat sauce served on the bed of spaghetti

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Spaghetti Carbonara</span>

      Spaghetti Carbonara

      Created in Lazia Italy, creamy rich sauce with beef brisket, mushroom, capsicum, onion & olive laid on the bed of spaghetti

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Hawaiian Chicken Pizza</span>

      Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

      Usually consists of cheese & tomato base with chicken slice & pineapple, but our version consists of chicken, mushroom, pineapple & mozzarella cheese

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Pizza De Luxe</span>

      Pizza De Luxe

      Consisting of chicken, beef brisket, mushroom, capsicum, onion & mozzarella cheese

    • Grilled

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Grilled Lamb Chop</span>

      Grilled Lamb Chop

      Grilled cutlet from lamb rack, served with vegetables, mashed potato & your choice of rosemary or chef's secret sour gravy

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Old Time Chicken Chop</span>

      Old Time Chicken Chop

      Grilled chicken served with vegetables, mashed potato & onion sauce

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Broadshires Braised Lamb Shank</span>

      Broadshires Braised Lamb Shank

      Braised lamb shank served with vegetables, buttered rice & brown sauce

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Bistro Mixed Grill</span>

      Bistro Mixed Grill

      Mix grilled of lamb chop, striploin beef, chicken chop served with vegetables, mashed potato, fried egg & brown sauce

    • Soup

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Homemade Cream of Mushroom</span>

      Homemade Cream of Mushroom

      Simple but unique Midwest American broth, rouge thinned with cream & mushroom

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Oxtail Soup</span>

      Oxtail Soup

      Please check with our server for the daily soup

    • Local Specialities

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Classic Sibu Kampua</span>

      Classic Sibu Kampua

      Very unique & local speciality of Sibu, homemade dry noodles with chicken, prawn & vegetables, served with clear soup

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Signature Char Kway Teow</span>

      Signature Char Kway Teow

      Our signature dish, wok fried flat rice noodles with prawns, chicken, egg, chives, chilies & bean sprouts

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Traditional Sarawak Laksa</span>

      Traditional Sarawak Laksa

      Malaysian origin spicy noodle soup, consists of rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn, shredded egg, bean sprout & dried beancurd served in rich & spicy herbal curry soup

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Nasi Goreng Istimewa</span>

      Nasi Goreng Istimewa

      Literally meaning "fried rice" in Malaysia come with fried egg & crackers

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Hainan Chicken Rice</span>

      Hainan Chicken Rice

      South east Asia dish with steamed chicken, served with chefs secret stock fragrant rice

    • Dessert

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Banana Split</span>

      Banana Split

      Enjoy the perfect match of banana with vanilla chocolate & strawberry ice cream

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Fabulous Ice Kacang</span>

      Fabulous Ice Kacang

      Mountain high shared ice covering sea coconut, bean, nata de coco cendol & grass jelly top with vanilla ice cream & syrup topping

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Leng Chee Kang</span>

      Leng Chee Kang

      Chinese recipe for "cooling" purpose, consisting lotus seed gingko nuts lily bulbs, longan, white fungus & barley with your choice to served hot or cold

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Refreshing Sea Coconut</span>

      Refreshing Sea Coconut

      Chinese recipe for "cooling" purpose consisting of sea coconut, longan & pineapple

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Fruit Platter</span>

      Fruit Platter

      Refreshing chilled fruits

    • Sandwich & Snack

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">RH Clubhouse</span>

      RH Clubhouse

      Three layer toasted bread consists roast beef, grilled chicken, fried chicken slice & egg, tomato lays on bed of lettuce, served with french fries & coleslaw

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Classic Sandwich</span>

      Classic Sandwich

      Simple & light sandwich with your choice of cheese, egg, tuna or beef brisket, served with french friend & coleslaw

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">RH Burger</span>

      RH Burger

      Your choice of our homemade chicken beef pattie, sit on fresh tomato slices & sesame pastry bun, covered with melt cheese served with french fries & coleslaw

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Traditional Fish & Chips</span>

      Traditional Fish & Chips

      Signature dish of England deep fried battered fish fillet with french fries, served with tartar sauce

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">French Fries</span>

      French Fries

      Deep fried curly cut potato with dipping sauce

    • Vegetarian Corner

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Veggie Omelette</span>

      Veggie Omelette

      Consisting of onion, capsicum, mushroom fold over cheese

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Vegetarian Spring Roll</span>

      Vegetarian Spring Roll

      Starter for vegetarian, vegetable rolled in pastry wrap, deep fried

    • <span style="color: #F6931B;">Vegetarian Aglio e Olio</span>

      Vegetarian Aglio e Olio

      Traditional vegetarian pasta dish origin in Napoli Italy Consisting capsicum, olive & onions